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  • Covid nurse to buy home in Caribbean after...

    Reply #1Had to do a double take at the amount she won, winning 14k a month for a year isn't what I would consider set for life which is the name of the game she won.Quite different than the Lucky 4 Life game available here in the US but at least her winnings ae tax free[ 322 views ]

  • Massachusetts Lottery processes first mobile...

    Reply #8Yea, we're ALL being hoodwinked into indoctrination of the Biblically Prophesied CASHLESS World... That no Man might buy or sell, except he that has the name of the Beast or the NUMBER of his name ...!!It all seems very attractive to some right now,.. but not keeping 1 eye in the Bible, and […]

  • UK man crashes prize car a day after winning it...

    Reply #22Seems to be some confusion about how a used car could be a lottery prize so thanks for showing that the used car was the prize and people bought tickets trying to win that prize. But I'll never entering their car into a classic car show their car is really a used car.Car raffles are a […]

  • Powerball to increase to three drawings a week

    Reply #38Try fixing up their cruddy looking website.[ 9,548 views ]

  • Lottery Post now live on Instagram

    Reply #23Yes Bd......that's all that ever comes up with our lottery,we don't have news.... Try finding the rules sometime....Better yet,try finding the cash amount of the MM/PB or LA.... Find what the 4th or 5th or 6th place prize is on any scratchoff...and last but not least we have the blessed […]

  • UPDATE: New Jersey Lottery restores Fast Play...

    Reply #1Thank you NJ lottery for your transparency in this matter. Glad IGT had safeguards to realize the error.WTG offering a voucher for a new Fastplay ticket to those affected.[ 1,838 views ]

  • New Jersey Lottery suspends Fast Play sales due...

    Reply #6[ 2,454 views ]

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The 411

The 411

Sweepstakes Directory Online, you can find many sweepstakes by category or ending date. For a first glimpse, check out this site to see a list of sweepstakes ending this month. There are sites you can pay to be a member and they will do all the research and...



Be Organized Regular sweepstakes winners know that they have to first enter a sweepstakes to win it. Some sweepstakes don’t even require a purchase! Enter as often as the rules allow. Make a spreadsheet or keep track of your entries if you have multiple sweepstakes at...

Getting Started

Getting Started

How to Start? The internet is a good place to start, you can find many sweepstakes by category, type, ending date or even prizes. There are many sites out there that will allow you to see a list of sweepstakes ending this month. Some sites require you to have a...



TheBalanceEveryday If you’re looking for a website that sorts contests by the prizes you can win, look no further. has the following categories listed on their site, ‘win electronics’, ‘win vehicles’, ‘win money’ to name a few. It even has a tab...

Sweeping the Sweeps

Sweeping the Sweeps

Volume Any successful sweeper will tell you that the key to winning is a high volume of entries. Many contests have a specific number of times you can enter per day. Maximizing your entries ensures that you’re giving yourself the best odds at success. Elisabeth Leamy...

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